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Dance Team Constitution



The dance team is a vital student organization that participates in a wide range of activities during the regular academic year.

Those who are in the dance team treasure their membership very highly and consider their association with the students in it as one of their most pleasant and valuable school experiences. The fellowship, healthful recreation, and the personal gratification that comes from giving an outstanding performance before an appreciative audience are but a few of the positive outcomes of dance team membership.

While dance team membership is demanding in terms of time and commitment, the primary focus of any student and the director must be on academics. Fostering success in the classroom will direct members and directors in establishing priorities.

One of the goals of a Gaudet Islander Dancers education is to produce “well rounded” students. While demanding in terms of time, the director will work with members who also desire to participate in other school activities when conflicts arise. While priorities will have to be established and choices will need to be made, dance team membership does not exclude students from participating in other school activities.

I understand that while fulfilling this primary purpose I will practice working graciously with others, developing lady-like conduct, and maintaining high scholastic achievements. In doing so, I will have the opportunity to build character, practice loyalty to the school and to our fellow students, develop a sense of duty, and help build and uphold traditions of Gaudet Middle School.



A. I will participate in daily practices, performances, school activities, dance team social activities, and other required functions.

B. I know that all dance team activities are mandatory for everyone and that the only excuses for absence are those listed in the Dance Team Rules.

Moral Code

A. I will conduct myself in a professional-like manner, remembering there is an appropriate time and place for various activities.

B. I will carry out all instructions with a conscientious and enthusiastic attitude.


A. I know that my uniforms are objects of pride, they deserve the best I can give them, and because they bear school colors, they should be worn with respect and dignity. I will keep them in perfect condition.

B. I know the uniform consists of the following but are not limited to:

1. Spirit Day / Friday Dance Team Uniform See Appendix "D"

2. Performance/Competition costumes See Appendix "E"

3. Practice uniform. See Appendix "F"

C. I know it is my duty to know when each uniform is required and to wear it properly. I alone am responsible for my uniform.


A. I realize that I am entrusted with school property when I handle dance team equipment. It will be issued to me in good condition and I will keep it in good condition.

B. I am responsible for all dance team equipment.


1. I understand the duty of the dance team officers are to help lead and direct this organization in conjunction with the director.

2. I will not hold any personal prejudices and/or grudges and will practice the rules of sportsmanship.

3. I will try at all times to make the dance team an outstanding organization, with loyalty, dignity, and honor.



The name of Gaudet Middle School Dance team organization will be "THE ISLANDER DANCERS."
The organizations shall wear the traditional school colors of blue, silver and white respectively.

Those students wishing to be members of a dance team must meet standards set forth in the Constitution.


The objectives of our dance teams shall be as follows

1.To increase and develop character, scholarship, leadership, and individual responsibility, and to maintain high moral character.

2.To promote school spirit and good sportsmanship.

3.To represent Gaudet Middle School at major athletic functions, school functions, competitions, and camps.

4. To encourage and support interest in all sports, fine arts, and other activities at our schools.

5. To create and maintain satisfactory relations between our dance teams and any other persons with whom we come in contact.

6. To develop and maintain a very high standard of precision dance to be performed at various functions of which the director and administration have approved.


Section I: Basic Tryout Requirements

1. Members of this organization shall be chosen from the student body of Gaudet Middle School which will include grades 7th and 8th.

2. The term of a team member begins on the day that that member’s name is officially posted and continues until that membership is officially terminated, or upon graduation, or transfer from Gaudet Middle School. Throughout the member’s official membership, each member is responsible for adhering to all rules and regulations specified in this constitution.

3. In order to gain membership each girl must fulfill all of the following requirements:

1. Each prospective member must tryout.

2. Prospective Members must have a passing classroom grade average to official tryout as well as maintain this passing average through out their membership to be eligible for participation in team events, practices, competitions & performances.

3. Outside judges selected by the director with dance team knowledge will judge tryouts. The score sheets used by the judges will be confidential. Discussion of the tryout with the director and possible administrator can only occur by an appointment made in advance.

4. The Prospective member application and permission slip is to be filled out and signed by the applicant and her parents and returned to the director prior to the Gaudet Middle School Dance Team tryouts.

5. A teacher classroom evaluation report form must be signed by each applicants current teachers and returned to the director prior to the Gaudet Middle School Dance Team tryouts.

6. Prospective members and their parent(s) must be fully aware of the expense of dance team as explained in the Team Expenses Appendix "C". They must be willing to meet all financial obligations. It should also be noted that expenses will be kept to a minimum so that as many students as possible will have an opportunity to belong to the organization. If a student is not able to meet financial obligations, the student should consult the director about assistance and alternative obligations.

7. Prospective members may have to obtain a physical to be turned into the director before tryouts. Members who make the team will be required to obtain a physical and turn it into the director by a designated date.

Section II: Maintaining Membership

Each member must adhere to and abide by all rules and regulations set forth in the Constitution and by the dance team director.

1. Grade Restrictions

b. All grade averages will be checked and recorded immediately after the close of each grading period.

2. Loss of Membership due to grades:

a. A member who is ineligible for two grading periods may be subject to removal or put on probation.

b. A member who is ineligible for more than three grading periods will be dismissed.

3. Conduct Restrictions/Probation

a. It is expected that a dance team member’s conduct in the member’s classes will be satisfactory.

4. Loss of Membership due to class conduct:

a. Any member who receives an expulsion from school due to improper behavior and classroom conduct will be subject to dismissal from the team.

b. Once a person is dismissed from the team for conduct or probation, the member will only be reinstated after review by the principal and director.

5. Miscellaneous Conduct Requirements

a. Dance members are expected to abide by the rules and regulations as stipulated in the Gaudet Middle School Handbook. Infraction of these rules resulting in discipline will automatically result in removal from the dance team.

b. A dance team member may be dismissed from the team if found guilty of any of the following:

1. Smoking

2. Drinking

3. Drug Abuse

4. Using undesirable language or unacceptable behavior (as judged by the director)

5. Defacing of property

6. Fighting

7. Suspension, expulsion, or Home Bound Instruction

Section III- Attitude Requirements

A. A member is expected to exhibit a positive attitude at all times. A member should never take part in or encourage complaining, griping, or “bad mouthing” the dance team, the school, or the director.

B. A member is expected to fully support any project undertaken by the dance team.

C. Expulsion by the director for poor attitude will occur only after consultation with the principal and any teacher involved.

ARTICLE IV general Policies

Section I Excused Absences

Absence from any dance team activity is unexcused except for the circumstances listed below:

A. Personal illness or accident with notice to the director

B. Death in the family

C. Prearranged special activities with approval by director

Section II General Requirements

1. All dance team members are expected to attend and participate in all activities, classes, practices, performances, and dance team functions.

2. If a dance team member misses any class or practice, the member is responsible for any instruction missed. She will be held responsible for any announcements made or routines taught in her absence.

Section III School Practices

1. All members are required to attend all practices and team summer camp. *See Appendix B

2. Practices will be held after school twice a week; Officer's Practice will be held every Monday. Depending on Competition season and weather conditions practice schedules are subject to change.

3. All members will be required to wear the practice uniform to all practices which include the following:

a. Gaudet Middle School Dance Team T-shirt or Camp T-Shirt

b. Black Dance Team Pants or Black Shorts

c. Black Dance Team Tights or Tan Dance Team Tights

d. Black Dance Team Jazz Shoes or Tan Dance Team Jazz shoes.

e. All hair must be pulled back into a ponytail or bun and be completely off of the face.

f. No jewelry will be allowed to be worn during practices.

g. Dance Team Members must properly label their individual water bottles & have them filled prior to practice.

h. Dance Team Members must always bring their team notebook and pencil to each practice.

i. Dance Team Members must mentally come prepared for practice with a positive attitude and a grace of understanding for all members who are learning the art and craft of dance. Members must have patience and show support of all members and their dance abilities.

j. Questions, notes or any additional paperwork regarding upcoming events etc., must be handed to the director AT THE END OF EACH PRACTICE.

k. Dance Team Members will be required to be in their roll-call warm-up position's prior to 2:30pm

l. Dance Team Officer's will be required to lead all practice warm-up's & assist with instruction of dance technique, routine instruction etc., as requested by the team director.

m. Dance Team Practices will be closed to outside visitors. Parents will only allowed to enter practice at the last 10 minutes of instruction. Any questions or concerns that need to be addressed with Director must be made by appointment only.

n. Dance Team members will be responsible for the transportation to and from practices. The director under no circumstances will be allowed to escort members to or from practice.


1. Projects for financing this organization will be sponsored throughout the school year and ALL members MUST participate in the designated activities instructed by the director.

2. Each member will be given an estimated cost sheet during tryouts.

3. If a payment of a check is returned due to “insufficient funds” more than twice, the remainder of all payments and all returned fees must be made in cash or money order. All monies paid towards dance team are non-refundable the moment money is spent for the members.


Section I Dance Team Officer Selection

The prospective dance officers shall be members in good standing, which is defined by the director, at the time of officer tryouts and will be tested and selected by the director and a group of individuals who have the knowledge of the fundamentals of dance and dance team work.

A. Academic and discipline requirements must be met. Prospective officers should have maintained an above average grading scale throughout the year.

B. Officer tryouts may consist of original dances, interviews, and teacher and peer evaluation, instructing dance routines, special choreography, notebooks and special assignments as determined by the director.

C. Each candidate will attend any workouts scheduled for officer tryouts and will prepare all material requested in advance by the director.

D. All candidates trying out for dance officer must be in enrolled in grades 7th or 8th at Gaudet Middle School.

Section II Duties of Officers
A. General Requirements
1. All officers are required to follow all standards set forth in the constitution explicitly.

2. All dance officers and rep's officer squad may be required to attend a weekend officer camp.

3. All officers are required to be present at all practices, meetings, and functions. Any officer may be relieved of their office and duties because of excessive absences or for not doing her duties to the fullest. This can be done after consultations with the parents, director and principal.

B. Specific Duties of Officers- *See Appendix A


In officially terminating membership, the following conditions must be met:

A. A written statement of membership termination which specifies the general reason for leaving must be signed by the member and forwarded to the member’s parent(s).

B. The member will be required to return all dance costumes, equipment, and accessories, etc. that belong to the Gaudet Middle School Dance Team prior to Membership termination.


A. The director has complete control in selecting the trip /competition schedule

B. All trips / competitions require administrative approval

*Appendix A: Duties of Officers & Rep's officer squad

The Gaudet Middle School Dance Team Captain will be the head leader of the team and required to represent the squad in various performances, events and competitions. She must maintain the highest standard of the Dance Team Rules / Performance and Attitude. The Dance Team Capt. will be required to assist the director in necessary needs throughout the year including various jobs including instruction, choreography, paperwork assistance, costume design, routine music selection, roll-call, warm-up instruction and marching commands for competition, performance & parade events. The Capt. will also lead officer meetings in which social activities and events will be planned and carried out by the specific officer's with in the squad. The capt. will also be required to create an individual soloist dance routine and officer's dance routine for competition and performances throughout the year.

The Gaudet Middle School Dance Team Co-Captain will be the assistant leader of the team. This member will be required to represent the squad in various performances, events and competitions. She must maintain the highest standard of the Dance Team Rules / Performance and Attitude. The Dance Team Co-Capt. will be required to assist the Team Capt. in necessary needs that include roll-call, warm-up instruction and participation in an individual soloist dance routine and officer's dance routine for competition and performances throughout the year.

The Gaudet Middle School Dance Team Social Chairman will be in charge of maintaining, organizing and running all dance team social engagements throughout the year including, Officer Camp, Big Sister/ Lil Sister Picnic, 8th grade Fun Night, The Dance Team Xmas Party, The Spring Show and The Dance Team Banquet. The Social chairman will be required to represent the squad in various performances, events and competitions. She must maintain the highest standard of the Dance Team Rules / Performance and Attitude.
She will also be required to participate in an individual soloist dance routine and officer's dance routine for competition and performances throughout the year.

The Gaudet Middle School Dance Team Historian will be in charge of maintaining, organizing and collection of all dance team memories created throughout the year including photo's, video's, memorialbilla and 8th grade wills. The Historian will be required to create the team Scrapbook, Spring Show Photo Slides and Dance Team Year in Review Banquet Video. The Historian will be required to represent the squad in various performances, events and competitions. She must maintain the highest standard of the Dance Team Rules / Performance and Attitude. She will also be required to participate in an individual soloist dance routine and officer's dance routine for competition and performances throughout the year.

The Gaudet Middle School Dance Team Rep's will assist the Dance Team officer's throughout the year in maintaining, organizing and participation of all dance team activities throughout the year. Each grade will nominate and vote for their dance team rep's. (3) from each grade. (*A total of 6 rep's) The Rep's will be required to represent the squad in various performances, events and competitions. She must maintain the highest standard of the Dance Team Rules / Performances, events and competitions. She will also be required to participate in the Small Dance Rep's officer dance routine for competition and performances throughout the year.
*In cases where a class may not have enough or any representing members from their specific grade to join the rep's officer squad; the total number of rep's for that year will be less than 6 members.*

*Appendix B: Summer Camp & Officer Camp


1. All Team member's will be required to attend a weekend summer camp held prior to the beginning of the 2005-2006 school year. This intensive three day event will be taught by the Dance Team Officer's and Team Director. This camp will include instruction for technique required for competition season as well as have selection for the "ALL-STAR" dancer competition and Specialty Team "A" and "B" squads will also be selected. The team will learn basic marching skills and will also be taught the Large Jazz Dance Competition Routine.
Selections for the Specialty Team's A & B routines will take place during camp. Additional activities including Lil Sister/ Big Sister selection, team theme & spring show song will be selected, a grades silly dance off and as well as many awards be given out daily in marching, technique, performance, showmanship, most improvement and spins and leaps contests and most effort / hardest worker.


2. Officer member's & Officer Rep's Member's will be required to attend a weekend summer camp held one week prior to the Team summer camp that will be before the beginning of the 2005-2006 school year. Officer soloists will present their individual competition routines at the officer / parent show held on the last day. The officer's will also due a few activities that will prepare them in proper technique instruction & marching skills. This camp will teach them proper leadership abilities that will be necessary to run an efficient and productive team camp. The officer's & the officer Rep's will also learn their Ensemble routines during this weekend as well as choreograph the Specialty Team "A" & "B" routines that will be selecting at the team summer camp. Awards will be given in areas of outstanding areas of leadership, marching, technique, performance, attitude, commitment and unity bonding at the last day of officer camp.

* Appendix C: Team Expenses

Practice / Performance Uniform: TOTAL COST $ 200.00
Black Jazz Shoes, Tan Jazz Shoes, Tan Tights, Black Tights, Dance Duffel Bag with Embroidery, Sweat Jacket with Embroidery & Black Dance Pants, Team Practice T-shirt, Dance Shorts, Costume Garment Bags, Hair accessories / Competition makeup

This includes cost for rental of space if needed, Camp T-shirt, Awards and Summer Camp Souvenir Team Photo Frame. Food & Drinks can be donated from parents, local business & members.

This includes cost for rental of space if needed, Camp T-shirt, Awards and Summer Camp Souvenir Officer's Photo Frame. Food & Drinks can be donated from parents, local business & members.

Competition Season Membership Dues: TOTAL COST $100.00
Uniform Rental, cleaning / repair fee's for LARGE JAZZ DANCE, HIGH KICK AND HIP HOP DANCE
competition costumes. This will also include Competition Entry Fee's for three competitions. Traveling, Food & Lodging if needed for competitions are not included in the Membership Dues.

Uniform Rental, cleaning / repair fee's for both LYRICAL DANCE and NOVELTY DANCE competition costumes. This will also include entry fee's for three competitions & hair makeup accessories as needed. Members who wish to participate on either or both of the specialty competition routines will be required to audition for a position on either or both of the competition specialty teams. If chosen specialty members will be required to pay their Specialty Member dues on top of their regular team & / or officer team dues.

Officer / Rep Competition Season Membership Dues: TOTAL COST $100.00
Uniform Rental, cleaning / repair fee's for OFFICER ENSEMBLE, OFFICER REP ENSEMBLE competition costumes. This will also include additional hair & makeup accessories needed. Individual soloist competition uniforms are not included in officer dues and must be purchased separately.

Team Member Total Dues for the Year - $350.00 (all members including officers)
If selected for Team membership - $50. 00 DEPOSIT due day after tryouts
MAY 15th - $100 1st Payment Due
JUNE 15th- $100 2nd Payment Due
JULY 15th- $100 Final Payment Due

Officer / Rep. Membership Total Dues for The Year - $150.00 (an additional)
If selected for Officer /Rep. position - $50.00 DEPOSIT due day after tryouts
1st OFFICER BALANCE DUE DATE - $50.00 payment on first day of Officer Summer Camp
Last OFFICER BALANCE DUE DATE- $50.00 payment Due SEPT. 15th

Specialty Team "A" or/& "B" Membership Dues - $100.00 (an additional)
If selected for Specialty Team "A" & /or "B" membership - $50.00 DEPOSIT Due at the end of
Team Summer Camp (After Specialty Team Selections)
BALANCE DUE- $50.00 Due SEPT. 15th

*All Dance Team, Officer / Officer Rep's & Specialty Team "A " or "B" and Summer camp membership dues are non-refundable.. Replacement order's and additional orders such as Dance Tights can be made separately if needed throughout the year.

Appendix "D"
*Dance Team T-Shirt
*Dance Team Embroidered Jacket
*Dance Team Black Jazz Pants, or Blue Jeans (Which ever the Officer's decide for that week.)
*Hair Clean & Styled in any of the following, Ponytail, Braid, or Clip Buns.

All Uniform's chosen in the uniform package are to be picked by the Team Officer's and squad member's will only be required to wear to school their Official 2005-2006 Dance Team Spirit Uniform each FRIDAY. Every Friday is TEAM SPIRIT DAY unless otherwise noted by the dance team officers. Member's will be asked to dress up their hair and makeup when wearing any dance team uniform including on our Team Spirit Days. Suggestions include, school color hair ribbons for curled pony tails etc., be creative and cute because you represent everyone on the team when wearing your Dance Team Uniforms. For all performances & competitions we will always wear our Friday-Spirit Day Uniforms- Dance Team Shirt, Jackets, Black Jazz Pants & Sneakers.

Appendix "E"
Member will own & be required to repurchase additional Tights & Jazz Shoes as needed throughout the year. Jazz Shoes & Tights should be clean and without holes or tears for competition.
(Suggestion buy an additional pair of Team Jazz Shoes & Tights for competition use only.)

All competition / Performance uniforms except for the member's shoes & tights are property of the Gaudet Middle School Dance Team. Each member will be required to pay for cleaning, replacement, additions and repair fee's for their COMPETITION TEAM / OFFICER / SPECIALTY A & B uniforms with their yearly Membership Dues. The additional needs such as COMPETITION ROUTINE Props (ie; Canes) , costume accessories (ie: Gloves, Hats) and backdrop expenses will also be paid for through the yearly membership dues and will become property of the GMS Dance Team.
These Include for the Following Possible COMPETITION ROUTINE UNIFORMS:

*LYRICAL DANCE (Specialty Team "A")
*NOVELTY / PROP DANCE (Specialty Team "B")

Dance Soloist Costumes will be purchased on their own or can be rented for an additional cleaning fee if costume's in the GMS Costume/Performance Closet are not already in use for other Team Competition routines for the season. Costumes needed for additional non-competition routines will be brought together by fundraising, donations, rentals and / or ones own closets. (For example, Camp Dance Silly Routine costumes, Daddy-Daughter Dance Routine for Spring Show, Holiday Dance Number.)

All member's will be required to pick up their COMPETITION UNIFORMS the night before each Competition or Performance place them in their HANGING GARMENT BAGS ONLY! Do not place competition / performance uniforms in your dance duffle bags or school back packs. TEAM COMPETITION UNIFORMS will not be passed out to a member without their Garment bags. Uniforms are to be returned to the Dance Team Coach / director after competition / performance upon arrival back to the school or at the end of competition. Members can leave their uniforms in their Garment Bags and will have their bags returned to them after COMPETITION UNIFORMS are properly & safely stored away. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CLEAN, SEW OR IRON ANY UNIFORMS! If repairs or cleaning requirements are needed please notify the team coach / director as soon as possible to have it done in a timely manner.

All member's must apply COMPETITION STYLE hair & makeup accessories while wearing their SPIRIT DAY UNIFORMS. If you must do touch up's prior to performing / competing make sure to protect the costumes & wear Team Jackets if possible. Accidents can happen and we will have emergency repair / cleaning kits on the day of competition. Dance Team Parent's can assist (& are greatly appreciated) with COMPETITION DAY costume preparation in the hair / makeup department, prop & backdrop set up and emergency uniform repair/cleaning if necessary.

Appendix "F"
*Black Jazz Pants or Black Dance Shorts or Black Sweat Pants
*Team T-Shirt or Plain White or Black Tank Top or Camp T-Shirt or White or Black Leotard
*Tan or Black Tights & Jazz Shoes
*Hair pulled up into High Pony Tail or Bun NO HAIR ON FACE ALLOWED & NO JEWLERY!

Members will be required to be dressed in their practice uniforms by no later than five minutes prior to roll-call. Once Roll-Call is completed, all members showing up without proper uniform attire can possibly become benched from practice. Proper Dance attire is for safety reasons. NO ONE WILL BE ALLOWED TO DANCE IN TIGHT PANTS OR WITHOUT DANCE SHOES OF SOME TYPE. (sneakers okay)


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